Toddler Program

24 months to 36 months

Our toddler program has been carefully planned for children to be able to develop self-help skills.  They will begin to have more structure in their day and begin to learn more responsibility such as cleaning up after themselves, brushing their own teeth after lunch, and dedicated curriculum time. 

The day is carefully structured so there is a balance between teacher-directed and child-directed activities which include: science, math, art, music and movement, sensory exploration, story time, dramatic play, and block play.

Daily activities include:

  • Small muscle activities (playing with manipulative toys, coloring, painting, feeding themselves, using markers and crayons, sorting shapes, etc.)
  • Large muscle activities (walking, running, dancing, playing with balls, playing on the playground, etc.)
  • Social activities (interacting with other children and teachers, family events, field trips, etc.)
  • Intellectual growth activities (verbal language, singing songs, building with blocks, reading stories, shapes, colors, etc.)
  • Emotional growth activities (providing security, building trust, meeting the needs of each child, creating a caring and nurturing environment, etc.)

Parents provide the following:

  • 2 changes of clothes in sealed plastic bag labeled with child’s name
  • Special sleeping blanket or stuffed animal (if desired)